Some 90 children receive your help at this boarding school, providing for lodging, good, medical care, clothing and book — about $25 per child!

Sister Ann Thomas writes to Missionary Childhood Association on behalf of St. Joseph’s Home for Children in southern India:

“We are very happy to tell you that we have received the amount of $2,000 at St. Joseph’s Home for Children from the Missionary Childhood Association (MCA)!” Sister Ann Thomas, who runs the school, acknowledged the generosity of U.S. children through MCA for the home located in a small village in southern India. Most in the area, which is surrounded by dense forests, cannot read or write. Many are unskilled laborers, unable to make enough to care for their families. “Our home reaches out to the needy children here,” explains Sister Ann. “In this way the poor parents are helped through the education of their children.”

Children playing at St. Joseph’s Home for Children.

Source: MISSION Magazine Spring 2014 issue