MCA Los Angeles has been in contact with Fr. Joe Thaler of Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers. At the moment Fr. Joe is in Nepal providing aid and relief with other local groups to those affected by the devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake on April 25, 2015 followed by a 7.3 magnitude earthquake just two weeks after. He is providing our office with updates every few days of the current situation. Here are some of his words as well as photos:

June 3, 2015: Maryknoll and Govinda and the Disabled Welfare Association working together…

Govinda (in the wheelchair) and his family are still living in a tent in Gajuri but that does not stop Govinda and his Disabled Welfare Association members from reaching out to others.

Govinda runs the Maryknoll sponsored 10 month sewing program and about a week before the graduation was to happen the earthquake in Nepal occurred. So we had a hasty graduation, (with the promise of a grand one later) as many of the students were eager to return to their mountain village homes as soon as possible. Once home they saw that their family and village was in great need as many came from Dhading and Gorkha districts some of the worse affected area. So Govinda, never on to be idle, and I continue on with our working relationship that goes back many years.

So here we are still going strong 6 weeks later as the students with family members come in to pick up necessary supplies for their home and village. Now I have to remind Govinda that soon we will need to re-open the new sewing program for this year and oh yes, by the way Govinda is also a full time teacher in the local school! He does keep things moving…

Being totally inspired by Govinda and others,

Peace, Joe