About the Missionary Childhood Association (MCA)

Founded in 1843, the Missionary Childhood Association (formerly Holy Childhood Association) is an international organization whose membership is made up of students in Catholic elementary schools and religious education programs. It is an organization dedicated to fostering children’s awareness of the missionary nature of the Church.

The Missionary Childhood Association (MCA) program in the Mission Office exists to be of service to schools and religious education programs in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.

Authorized by the Vatican, and in collaboration with the U.S. Bishops, MCA distributes educational and fund-raising programs to schools and religious education programs throughout the United States. It is sometimes known as the Pontifical Association of the Missionary Childhood because it is sponsored in a special way by the Pope. It is the official agency of the Holy Father for the distribution of the fund raising proceeds realized through the efforts of children for their underprivileged brothers and sisters in Third World situations.

To learn more about the history of Missionary Childhood Association and how distributions are made please refer to this Brochure: 
MCA Brochure (Spanish) –Interactive Version 
MCA Brochure (Spanish) –Printing Version  
MCA Brochure (English) –Interactive Version 
MCA Brochure (English) –Printing Version

Missionary Childhood Association (MCA) End of the Year Bulletin 

As the school year comes to an end, please take a moment to read about all the activities MCA Los Angeles has been part of. We feel proud of the work the staff, students and parents have done to make sure MCA continues to grow each year. Your help whether by sacrificial giving, prayers, and well-wishes help children around the world learn the Good News. MCA staff were part of many congresses, and of course our Annual Youth Appreciation Mass saw many children attend the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels. In here you will find many highlights, as well as information for the upcoming school year. 
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MCA End of Year Bulletin

Missionary Childhood Association (MCA) Campaign Card

 MCA has created different campaigns and opportunities for everyone to help throughout the school year. (scroll below to enlarge image):
MCA Program Campaign Card


















Can a kid be a missionary? Missionary Childhood Association says Yes



Welcome to the new 2018-2019 school Year!

It is with great joy that we welcome you this new 2018-2019 school year!  We are grateful of your support of MCA and invite you to participate with us in this new year as we join together to help students in our Schools and Parishes embrace their Baptismal call to be Missionaries!

Summer Mailing Package

We have mailed our MCA Summer Welcome Packets to all our schools.  If you still have not received a packet, please call our MCA Coordinator, Magdalena Arellano at (213) 637-7416 or our MCA Executive Secretary, Alison Martinez at (213) 637-7229.  The welcome bulletin and forms included in the summer mailing packet are available online for downloading by clicking below.

>> Resources & Downloadable Materials for 2018-2019 (NEW!)

Please visit us again soon for additional downloadable materials, including lesson plans, videos and exciting new information for 2017-2018!  Also join our facebook page for news and updates at facebook.com/MCAlosangeles or Follow us on Instagram and Twitter @mcalosangeles.