The following resources have been made available for you to help promote World Mission Sunday at your Parish during the month of October.  Some of these materials, such as the posters and guides have already been mailed to your parishes.  Below we also provide content for parish web and bulletin editors.

•• WMS Guides for Parish & Speakers

These guides provide supporting content for Parishes to aid in a successful World Mission Sunday celebration.  The Parish Guide includes instructions, parish bulletin and pulpit announcements, a liturgy guide and more.  The Speaker Guide provides helpful notes for speakers, facts and more. Both are in english and spanish.

Click to download the Parish Guide for WMS 2016. (english/spanish)

Click to download the Speaker Guide for WMS 2016. (english/spanish)

•• WMS Posters

Posters for the 2016 World Mission Day celebration were mailed to parishes in September.  The posters are two sided; with english on one side and spanish on the other.  Digital versions of the posters are available below for printing and posting online.

Click to download the Poster for WMS 2016 (english version)















Click to download the Poster for WMS 2016 (spanish version)


•• For Parish Website & Bulletin Editors:  Promoting WMS

Parish bulletin announcements in MS Publisher for you to use in your parish bulletins, includes clip art.

>> World Mission Sunday Weekend Bulletin Announcements in English & Spanish (in MS Publisher)


•• Additional Resources:  Pope Francis’ on World Mission Day

>> “Missionary Church, Witness of Mercy” – Message of Pope Francis for WMS 2016 (PDF)

>> “Iglesia Misionera, testigo de misericordia” – Mensaje del Santo Padre Francisco para WMS 2016 (PDF)