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Greetings from the Spiritans, officially Congregation of the Holy Spirit and formerly known as the Holy Ghost Fathers and Brothers.  We are one of the oldest religious orders in the Catholic Church, founded in France in 1703 to evangelize the poor and marginalized around the world.   The congregation exists today as an international, multicultural community.  A focus on education and missionary works prompted the Fathers to first set down roots in Pittsburgh, and many will also know us for our relationship to Duquesne University, one of the most prestigious Catholic institutions in the country.

The Spiritans were the first modern-day missionaries in West Africa (1840s) and in East Africa (1860s) having established many local Churches in Tanzania with the Maasai people.  Ministries flourished there and continue to do so today throughout Africa, as well as in Mexico, the Caribbean, South America, and Asia.  Our presence in Vietnam especially is rich in vocations.  Within a short time, we will have our first formally professed and ordained confreres who will continue a thriving Spiritan presence in the Far East for the future.

Present in the United States for more than 150 years, today we serve local parishes in 10 states, primarily among African American and immigrant communities.  Ministering from the pulpit as well as the soup kitchens, we are found working within the community to make change.

The Spiritans’ charism has always been evangelization of the “poor”.  We go to those who haven’t heard the message of the Gospel, and to those whose needs are greatest in very diverse socio-cultural settings in developing countries.  Through refugee ministry, pastoral care, primary evangelization, formation of priests, education and humanitarian assistance, we seek to help those who are disadvantaged overcome the problems that make each day a struggle.  Around the world we continue working with the most vulnerable addressing severe food shortages by bringing food, water, medical services and supplies to our brothers and sisters who lack these necessities of life, teaching them career skills, operating hospitals and schools, and providing for their daily needs. 

Fr. Pat Patten, C.S.Sp., is one of the Spiritan missionaries serving in Africa.  A pilot himself, Fr. Pat has operated the Flying Medical Service out of Arusha, Tanzania for over 40 years.  He serves some 20,000 people each year transporting them by plane to Nairobi and other areas for medical emergencies and services, and bringing in visiting medical personnel.  In 2020, he was joined by Dr. Florida Mamzungu, a midwife and fellow pilot, setting up medical clinics in remote regions of northern Tanzania providing health education and preventative health care for the local villages.

Fr. Paul Flamm, C.S.Sp., has spent the past 25 years working in refugee camps in Western Tanzania.  Providing sacramental ministry and serving people in their need to be connected during their time of displacement requires a significant commitment of time and resources.  Your support is critical to proclaiming the Gospel of peace and continuing the work of reconciliation.

Fr. Donald McEachin, C.S.Sp., is one of the Spiritan missionaries working in the Dominican Republic.  When Fr. Don first arrived in the poor barrio of San Juan de la Maguana, he assumed responsibility for a new parish with no church building and only 12-15 people who assembled in a one-room chapel for services.  So began his project of evangelization.  Today the parish is a thriving community in the center of the barrio and in tent missions in the hills and back country.

To address the rampant unemployment in San Juan de la Maguana, Fr. Don established a job training school, St. Michael the Archangel Technical Professional High School, offering courses in computer data processing, word processing, sewing, beauty salon training, and baking.  It is now one of the top three professional training schools in the entire Dominican Republic, and the only school that does not charge tuition made possible through your financial support.

School is back in session at the Spiritan School in Dhadim, Ethiopia.  And thanks to 760 new desks and benches the Spiritans financed in 2020, the students ae now more socially distanced and better able to focus on learning in a safe and healthy classroom.  The school was founded by the Spiritans in 1973 and the desks had not been replaced until last year.

Preschool students in Kibera (Nairobi, Kenya) enjoy the simple pleasure of a banana, something that many of us take for granted in our daily lives.  Your contributions allowed us to send to food supplies for these children and their families.  More than 1500 people received food and supplies last year in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

From the beginning, Spiritans have offered a ministry of presence and of hope to people of all walks of life.  Over three centuries, we have brought the Word of God to people on five continents and sixty countries.  To the ends of the earth, Spiritians have gone and will continue to go, and it’s through your prayers and support that our mission is possible.

God Provides.  When He closes one door, He opens another one.  The unwavering generosity and dedication to mission of parishes like yours allows us to continue to fund projects all over the world, most notably emergency food and medical supplies to people in desperate need.  Your contribution to the Spiritan missions provides critical support to communities of faith in the most economically disadvantaged regions of the world.

These days, more than ever before, those around the world are in need of your help.  The global pandemic has affected all of us in some way.  Whether you or a loved one have battled this terrible disease, or experienced economic hardship, school closures, loneliness or bereavement as a result of it, you are in our prayers.  While we cannot be with you today personally, we ask you to focus on the future when we can once again gather together to worship.  Thanks to your generosity, Spiritans continue to go wherever we are needed – in parishes, schools, and missions, at home and abroad – immersing ourselves in the community and culture, and tackling the greatest needs head on.  Our ministries may look a little different these days, but together we press on. 

In a time when we may be experiencing collective fatigue from feelings of isolation, division, and fear, let our faith in God serve as both reminder and inspiration that the hope for unity is still out there.  When we feel discouraged by our differences, remember there is far more that unites us, if we choose to see it – and, if we let the Spirit guide us.

Thank you for your interest in the work of the Spiritans and your support of our missions. Together we are missionary disciples living in God’s love.  God keep you safe, and peace be with you all. Please visit our website www.spiritans.org to learn more about the Spiritans.

To support the CONGREGATION OF THE HOLY SPIRIT- SPIRITANS, please click on the button below to donate and either select your parish in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles and/or type Group 1044 in the memo box. God bless!

Saludos de los espiritanos, oficialmente la Congregación del Espíritu Santo y anteriormente conocidos como los Padres y Hermanos del Espíritu Santo.  Somos una congregación religiosa católica fundada en Francia en 1703 para evangelizar a los pobres y marginados en todo el mundo.  

Los espiritanos fueron los primeros misioneros modernos en Africa Occidental (los 1840) y en el este de Africa (1860) después de haber establecido muchas Iglesias locales en Tanzania con el pueblo masái.  Los ministerios florecieron allí y continúan haciéndolo hoy en toda Africa, así como en México, el Caribe, América del Sur y Asia.  Nuestra presencia en Vietnam es especialmente rica en vocaciones.

Presentes en los Estados Unidos durante más de 150 años, hoy servimos a las parroquias locales en 10 estados, principalmente entre las comunidades afroamericanas e inmigrantes.  Ministrando desde el púlpito, así como los comedores de sopa, nos encontramos trabajando dentro de la comunidad para hacer cambios en la comunidad.

El carisma de los espiritanos siempre ha sido la evangelización de los “pobres”.  Vamos a los que no han escuchado el mensaje del Evangelio, y a aquellos cuyas necesidades son mayores.  A través de la educación y el servicio comunitario, nos esforzamos por ayudar a aquellos que están desfavorecidos a superar los problemas de cada dia una lucha.  Por toda la tierra seguimos trabajando con los más vulnerables para llevar alimentos, agua, servicios médicos y suministros a nuestros hermanos y hermanas que carecen de estas necesidades de la vida, enseñándoles habilidades profesionales, operando hospitales y escuelas, y proveyendo para las necesidades diarias. 

El P. Pat Patten, C.S.Sp., ha operado el Servicio Médico Volador de Arusha, Tanzania durante más de 40 años atiende transportándolas 20,000 personas en avión para emergencias médicas y servicios, y llevando personal médico visitante a los aldeanos locales.

El H. Donald McEachin, C.S.Sp., es uno de los misioneros Spiritan que trabajan en la República Dominicana.  Cuando el P. Don llegó por primera vez al barrio pobre de San Juan de la Maguana, asumí la responsabilidad de una nueva parroquia sin edificio de iglesia y sólo 12-15 personas que se reunieron en una capilla de una habitación para los servicios.  Así comenzó su proyecto de evangelización.  “No esperas a que la gente venga a ti; vas a la gente.”  Hoy en día la parroquia es una comunidad próspera en el centro del vecindario y en misiones de tiendas de campaña en las colinas y el país de regreso.

Para abordar el desempleo desenfrenado en San Juan de la Maguana, el P. Don estableció una escuela de capacitación laboral, St. Michael the Arcángel Technical Professional High School, que ofrece cursos de procesamiento de datos por computadora, procesamiento de textos, costura, capacitación de salones de belleza y horneado.  Ahora es una de las tres mejores escuelas de capacitación profesional en toda la República Dominicana, y la única escuela que no cobra la matrícula posible a través de sus oraciones y apoyo financiero.

El barrio de Kibera en Nairobi, Kenia, es el barrio más grande de Africa.  En lo profundo de esta barriada se encuentra la Escuela Infantil St. Francis.  Los Spiritans apoyan este oasis de esperanza con suministros regulares de alimentos.  Si bien nuestra intención original era proporcionar sólo una comida por la mañana para los niños de la escuela, pronto fue evidente que la distribución de alimentos era necesaria para sus padres y familias también.  Así que comenzó la distribución regular. 

Durante tres siglos, hemos llevado la Palabra de Dios a personas de los cinco continentes y sesenta países.

En estos días vivimos en tiempos sin precedentes, y muchos de nosotros nos sentimos ansiosos por los desafíos de la actual crisis de salud.  Aunque hoy no podemos estar con ustedes personalmente, les enviamos nuestras oraciones y les pedimos que se enfoquen en el futuro cuando podamos reunirnos una vez más para darle culto a Dios.  Gracias por todo lo que han hecho para apoyar la misión de la Iglesia. Juntos somos discípulos misioneros que viven en el amor de Dios.  Dios los mantenga a salvo, y la paz esté con todos ustedes. Para obtener más información sobre la Fraternidad Misionera de María, Guatemala, visite su sitio web en www.spiritans.org.

Para apoyar a la CONGREGATION OF THE HOLY SPIRIT- SPIRITANS, haga clic en el botón de abajo para donar y seleccione su parroquia en la Arquidiócesis de Los Ángeles y/o escriba Grupo 1044 en el cuadro de memorando. ¡Dios los bendiga!

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