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I want to share something with you that should make you very proud to be Catholic. The Catholic Church is the largest non-government provider of health care in the world.

Yet, During the one hour we gather for Mass — The World Health Organization estimates that there will be 51 deaths from malaria alone – mostly among children under 5 In Sub Saharan Africa

Founded right here in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles Mission Doctors Association has made it possible for Catholic Doctors and their families from across the country to serve at mission hospitals and clinics, since 1959.

Founded before Vatican II, before Doctors Without Borders, before Peace Corp –This organization continues to support Catholic healthcare in Africa and Latin America. Mission Doctors provide not only direct patient care but also train local professionals always with the goal of working themselves out of a job.

Mission Doctors is inviting you to join as their partner today, and asking you to consider three things.

FIRST: of course, this is a Mission Co-op appeal, so there is a request for your financial support.

When averaging direct expenses for the long-term Mission Doctors who serve for three years

– the airfare, the insurance, the “very generous” stipend of $150 a month given – and the number of patients seen – it came out to $3 per patient to put a qualified, caring doctor at their bedside…

  • $3 to deliver twins in Uganda
  • $3 to treat a child with a snake bite on the Napo River of Peru
  • $3 to care for a grandmother in Ghana, stooped from years of working in the field

So today, if you can give just $30 you have made it possible for Mission doctors to care for 10 patients, perhaps you can do more — But whatever you can do – large or small – your support is a very concrete way to bring hope to others, to be, as Jesus taught, the Good Samaritan.

SECOND – they ask for your prayers. For the doctors and their families serving, that more doctors will follow a call to serve, and of course for their patients who live with the burdens of poverty and lack of resources.

THIRD – If you or someone you know feels called to serve, please reach out. In addition to the long-term three-year program, there is an opportunity for doctors to serve one – three months.  The website is easy to remember – MissionDoctors.org

By supporting today, you are a partner in this mission of Healing and Hope!

Tim and his wife Sheila served three years in Zimbabwe – on his desk in his consultation room was a photo of their four adult daughters …. One day a patient pointed to the photo and asked “are these your daughters?” – And like any proud father, Tim sat up and smiled and said,

yes these are my girls —- the patient asked ‘then why are you here?’ — Tim thought for a moment and said – ‘well – I’m here because people in the United States love you and have sent me to be here to serve.’

Send a doctor today to bring healing and hope by supporting Mission Doctors

For more information about the Mission Doctors Association, please visit their website at missiondoctors.org.

To support the MISSION DOCTORS ASSOCIATION, please click on the button below to donate and either select your parish in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles and/or type Group 1248 in the memo box. God bless!

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