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Dear brothers and sisters,

We would like to thank your Excellency Bishop, Pastor, and the Mission Office for inviting us to participate in the mission appeal in your parish. We thank God for the gift of lives and for your involvement in the church.  Today, we would like to share with you and tell you what we do in the missions, so that you may be part of our efforts.  

The Franciscan Sister of St. Bernadette was founded in 1958 in the diocese of Rulenge-Ngara as a diocesan community by the Late Bishop Alfred Lanctont, a White Father, (today Missionaries of Africa) from Canada. Our community has 220 professed members. Its purpose is to spread the Good News by rendering pastoral and social services especially taking care of orphans, HIV/AIDS victims, the sick in hospitals, lepers, widows, widowers, women, children, youth, and teaching in schools.

At present, our communityis facing one of the greatest challenges which is lack of funds for constructing the dining room for underprivileged children whom we serve at St. Bonaventure English Medium School. The community has been able to construct six classrooms, administration block, one dormitory for the girls and boys. Currently, our children are still using the temporal dining room, which is not enough for them consequently they cannot enjoy their meals as needed.  It is for this reason that we would like to ask you today to be part of this effort in eradicating this problem. We understand that through baptism we are all brothers and sisters in the Lord. We are a family. As members of one family, we are called upon to support one another wherever we are through prayers and financial assistance. Our problems and concerns are yours and yours are ours. That is what family members do. They hold hands, uplift one another, and move forward together.

We believe that this effort and your support will help us to build the permanent dining room so that children could fully relax and enjoy their meals. In additional, taking meals in good environment will enable them to assimilate nutrition which will build them boldly and intellectually, so that they can achieve their academical goals and be able to carry on their own lives in the future.  We would like to invite you to be generous and support us as we try to give hope to the hopeless and power to the powerless. Our mission is support and serve our children by building the permanent dining for them. We cannot accomplish our goal without generous contributions from people like you. We thank you in advance for your anticipated generosity which is very highly appreciated.   We assured you our humble prayers in this difficult time of the COVI-19.  Be safe and healthy. Thank you for your attention, and May God bless you.

Sr. Gaudiosa Fidelis, FSSB Representative.

To support the FRANCISCAN SISTERS OF ST. BERNADETTE, please click on the button below to donate and either select your parish in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles and/or type Group 1343 in the memo box. God bless!

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