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‘Namaste’ people of God. Namaste is an Indian traditional greeting that means “The God in me greets the God in you”. Divyavani Social Communications is an initiative of Telugu Catholic Bishops Council (TCBC) comprising of two big Telugu language-speaking states (100 million population) in South India working for the cause of Evangelisation, faith formation, social change and to promote awareness through TV programming and by way of training unemployed youth, drop out girls, and women for life skills. 

Girl Child Education, Empowerment of Women and Promotion of Social Change through TV Platform

  1. In India, poverty-stricken families still see their daughters as an economic burden. A son is considered to be an asset as he is the breadwinner, while the daughter is a liability for whom the family ends up paying a huge dowry to get her married. This attitude has resulted in the practice of female infanticide and sex-based abortions, further bringing down the gender ratio to 900 females to 1000 males. According to the report of UNICEF, approximately 65 million women are missing from India’s population. Why do they not want female babies? The vast majority of Indians are Hindus in India, (83%) who believe that only a boy will save them from hell and send them to Moksha, the heaven. This can happen only if they have a male in the family who will light the funeral pyre when their dead are cremated.

Solution: Thanks to the Federal and State Governments, 85% of Indian homes have TV connectivity. The Telugu Catholic Bishops Council has come forward to take advantage of this opportunity by starting a satellite TV channel, to promote awareness to bring about cultural and social transformation and thus end the social evils. Various programs like Public Service Announcements (PSA), short films, documentaries, and success stories are produced on issues like gender justice, girl child education, and other social issues. About 164 successful stories of women were broadcasted in the last two years. Your support will bring about a cultural change in the attitude and mindset of people in India towards girl children and women who are made in the image and likeness of God, thus ushering in a social change. Production of each program costs about 200 dollars.

Training of Youth, Drop-out Girls and Women for Life Skills

  • India has a 1.3 billion population, of which an estimated 1/3 of the world’s poor are here. Still, 300 million adults in India are illiterate, and only a few families succeed to educate their children with much sacrifice. They remain unemployed due to a lack of qualifications for jobs and life skills. Between 15 to 29 years age group, there is an estimated 36.96% of unemployment as per the report of the survey done by Labour Bureau.

Solution: Divyavani has identified various life skills for the unemployed youth, dropout girls, and women. We train graduates for employment in media where there are several opportunities. We also train dropout girls and young women for anchoring, acting, and sewing for those who are interested and not much educated. The training costs 150 dollars per person. Once trained they will earn a monthly salary of $300.

We request you to support either a program production for social change or to sponsor training of unemployed youth, drop out girls and women for life skills.

Fr. U. Balashowry M.F.A (USA), C.E.O Divyavani Social Communications

To support the DIVYAVANI SOCIAL COMMUNICATIONS, please click on the button below to donate and either select your parish in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles and/or type Group 2297 in the memo box. God bless!

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