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Keta-Akatsi Dioceses was created 25 years ago out of the Diocese of Keta–Ho. It is along the Atlantic Ocean close to the Republic of Togo border. The Diocese covers an area of 7,470 Square Kilometres: (2,885 Square Miles). The diocese has a total population of 785,000 people, and 15.3% are Catholics.

Most of the people in the area are peasant subsistent farmers and small-scale canoe fishermen. There are different religious practices in the diocese. There are Christians, Muslims, the strongest group is the traditional religions. They even influence many of the other religious groups. This situation challenges us to intensify our evangelization ministry.

The Diocese has 71 priests; the majority are diocesan clergy and a few are religious missionaries. There 28 parishes and quasi-parishes with 189 outstations or mission stations that have no priest in residence. These outstations are shared among the parishes.

The priests visit these outstations attached to their parishes regularly, which means visiting them during the week. Otherwise, these stations are cared for by lay people, we call catechists. The catechists conduct service/worship with the people whenever there is no priest. They help prepare the people for the sacraments and call for the priest when there is an emergency.

The Diocese also has Educational, Health, and Social facilities which contribute to the social and moral development of the people in addition to our primary task of evangelization. Your contributions will primarily help our priests visit the outstations on a regular basis and help also in the following Diocesan institutes:

  1. St. Theresa Institute: This is an institution for physically challenged children. Most physically challenged people are left out in society. The family will usually spend their meager income on “able” children, not on the physically challenged. In effect, these children are ignored. This institution makes a statement to society that these children are important and able. They pursue normal education to High School level and some, in addition, learn a trade, e.g., printing, leather works, dressmaking, home economics, Information Technology, etc. so as to equip them to be independent in the future.
  1. Good Samaritan Home is an institution for mentally challenged children. Some of the children have Down’s syndrome or are children with mental defects from birth. These children are otherwise neglected by their families, some starved to death. Many of our people believe these are spirit children and so are not welcomed in the family. The church takes these children in and cares for them. Some of them may live with us forever. Some are gradually linked with their family in order to educate them that these children are also gifts of God. Your generosity will help to make the message of God’s love to these unfortunate children loud to our cultures here in the diocese.
  1. St. Agnes Girls’ Institute is an institution for young women who were prevented from going to school because of the poverty of their parents. Some of the girls also dropped out of school because they got pregnant, so the parents refused to pay for their school fees. Some of the girls also left the ordinary education system in the country because they did not get a good academic foundation in the beginning. St. Agnes gives these girls the opportunity to learn a trade, e.g., catering, dressmaking, ICT, and other practical lessons for human development. Many of these girls find it difficult to pay the fees of the institution. The girls have difficulties feeding themselves in the hostel provided by the institution. Your generosity will help the directors of the institution to provide the equipment and tools and care for the girls.


The pandemic hit us hard and many of the diocesan activities including Masses were halted for a long time. The pandemic has reduced almost all Diocesan activities to their minimum, i.e. to around 40% capacity.  We are gradually picking up but more effort and resources are needed to bring us at least back to where we were. Your contribution to the Keta-Akatsi Diocese will enable us to preach the gospel of Christ to all and help these challenged children and young women. May God bless you and your generosity in these difficult and challenging days. Thank you and be assured of my prayers.

Most Rev. Gabriel Kumordji, SVD, Bishop of Keta-Akatsi Diocese

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