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WMS Parish Resources & Materials for 2021


The following resources have been made available for you to help promote World Mission Sunday at your Parish during the month of October. Some of these materials, such as posters and guides have already been mailed to your parishes. Below we also provide content for parish web and bulletin editors.

WMS Parish Guide

The 2021 Parish Guide provides supporting content for Parishes to aid in a successful World Mission Sunday celebration. The Parish Guide includes instructions, parish bulletins, and more. This is a bilingual booklet (Spanish and English).  

World Mission Sunday 2021 Parish Guide
(Click on the image to access the PDF version of this booklet)
Domingo Mundial de las Misiones 2021 Guia Parroquial
(Haga clic en la imagen para acceder a la versión PDF de este folleto)

Please note: In trying to facilitate and allow parish web masters and/or bulletin editors, to copy and paste the information provided, we have created a Word Document version of this guide. You can access that file here. Tenga en cuenta: Para tratar de facilitar y permitir a los webmasters y/o editores de boletines de la parroquia, copiar y pegar la información proporcionada, hemos creado una versión ‘Word doc’ de esta guía. Puedes acceder a ese archivo aquí.

WMS Posters

Posters for the 2021 World Mission Sunday celebration were mailed to parishes in September. The posters are two-sided, with English on one side and Spanish on the other. Digital versions of the poster are available below for printing and posting online.

World Mission Sunday 2021 Poster
(Click on the image to access the JPG version)

Domingo Mundial de las Misiones 2021 Póster
(Haga clic en la imagen para acceder a la versión JPG)

Additional Resources: Pope Francis’ Message on World Mission Sunday

“Proclaim it with Joy! … we cannot but speak about what we have seen and heard.” Acts 4:20 (Message in English)

“¡Proclama con Alegría! … Nosotros no podemos dejar de hablar de lo que hemos visto y oído.” Hechos 4:20 (Mensaje en Español)

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