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Mission Cooperative Plan Appeals 2020


The diocese of Thanjavur (India) is located on the east coast of South India. It covers an area of 3687sq.miles with a population of 7 million people, of whom only 2,39,630 are Catholics, and the rest are Hindus and Muslims.  Being rural and agricultural, the diocese has a great financial burden in maintaining parishes and continuing the work of evangelization. Flood and drought are the common companions of the people. At present, the diocese manages numerous schools, boarding homes (orphanages) for children who have lost one or both of their parents, nursing homes, homes for the destitute, and one home for the mentally disabled run by the sisters of Blessed Mother Theresa of Kolkata.

The diocese is proclaiming God’s Good news of His kingdom to the poor, agricultural laborers and fishing communities. Missionary works include Catechetical training and Formation to lay Catholics from Villages and mission stations about church, bible, Sacraments and prayers. On receiving training, they will go back and teach in their places. People are poor and are not able to contribute to church much. Diocese of Thanjavur runs 53 orphanages, the highest in all the dioceses of India. Orphans and semi orphan children of all religions, numbering about 2500 are living in the orphanages. They are fed, clothed and educated, all for free. More so orphans were added in the aftermath of Tsunami in 2004 in which many were orphaned and lost the family.

Mission funds are also used to train priests and seminarians and to build chapels in the mission stations. The diocese receives a good number of vocations to priesthood and religious life. The diocese needs support to spend for their training and formation. The Diocese also cares for widows and the physically disabled; it provides shelter and dairy animals for the poor and it continues to care for the victims of the Tsunami.  Given the situation in the Diocese of Thanjavur, we are in desperate need of your financial support.  Please be generous and support the mission of the diocese of Thanjavur.  Please keep the Catholics of Thanjavur in your prayers.

On behalf of Bishop Devadass Ambrose, the diocese of Thanjavur, the priests and the people, I thank you and assure you of our prayers. The diocese of Thanjavur would always remember you in its prayers and be grateful for your generosity. This is a unique opportunity to reach out to India as a missionary from where you are by way of your prayer and financial support to the missionary diocese of Thanjavur.

To support the Diocese of Thanjavur, Inda, please click on the button below to donate and either select your parish in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles and/or type Group 1298 in the memo box. God bless!

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