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Mission Cooperative Plan Appeals 2020


Congregation of the Mission Western Province (The Vincentians) Mission in Kenya

We established a mission in Kenya, East Africa in 1980 to form future Vincentian priests and brothers.

The Church in Africa

  • The Church in Africa is alive, vibrant and growing. 
  • We currently are shepherding 5 parishes with 31 outstations reaching 30,000 Christians in Kenya.
  • We conduct parish missions to reach the most remote and poor in the country.
  • Our seminary is full.  We have 32 men in formation.
  • We have ordained 37 East African priests.

Our Work with the Poor in Kenya

  • We teach men and women a carpentry trade so they can provide for their families.
  • We train and support Diocesan priests.
  • We build schools at our parishes to educate the young to help them get out of poverty.
  • We provide clean water by digging wells for drinking, sanitation, and cooking.
  • We provide concrete help to those who come to our gates whether that means food, clothing, medicine, school fees, etc.
  • We build greenhouses to grow food for the poor and our priests.
  • We establish micro-businesses for the poor to provide for their families.

Covid-19 impact in Kenya

COVID-19 has had devastating effects on the Kenyan economy. Kenyans are complying to curfew hours, working from home, staying indoors, social distancing, wearing masks and sanitizing. Due to limited production and restrictions, casual workers have been laid off or on half pay. Fragile informal economies and small business are badly hit and families that have no savings are staring at starvation. In Nairobi where temporary labor and small business forms the main livelihood, the pandemic presents a life threatening situation for the families when the breadwinners cannot go out to seek employment and earn a daily living to feed the families. The majority of these workers are unable to work due to reduced production and restricted access to factories work sites and private homes. The numbers have doubled in the first two weeks of the pandemic we project that this number will continue to rise.

I am asking you today to please partner with us in our mission in Kenya by making a sacrificial gift. Even during our difficult days these past months, we are so blessed and God calls us to share our blessings with our brothers and sisters in Christ.  I ask that you consider the Vincentian Mission in Kenya to be among the many other charities I know that you already support, including your parish.

The poor in Kenya cannot social distance especially in the slums and they do not have soap, hand sanitizer or even running water. Their suffering is overwhelming. Please help us in our ministry to them.

How to Give

I ask you to please be generous and assist us with helping the poor in Kenya. 

YOU can and will make a huge difference in someone’s life.  I thank you in advance for joining us as we walk with the poor.

In St. Vincent,

Very Reverend Raymond Van Dorpe, C.M., Provincial Superior

To support the Vincentians Fathers and Brothers, Western Province, please click on the button below to donate and either select your parish in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles and/or type Group 1871 in the memo box. God bless!

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