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Mission Cooperative Plan Appeals 2020


I just wanted you to know how you are doing especially these days where everyone in the world is affected by CoronaVirus and that I am concerned about you and your family members. Hope and wish that you are doing well. Let us be strong and have faith in God and Pray to him that HE would help us to come out of this issue at the earliest so that we can start living a normal life.

We all know the whole world is suffering because of this CoronaVirus. Knowing impact of it in our area, through our Joy Bharath Foundation, I am trying to do some charitable activities like distribution of Cooked Food, Washable & reusable Masks for the Municipal, Police staff who are working for the people affected by Corona, distribution of Fans, Bedsheets, Tube Lights for the people in Quarantine homes, distribution of Groceries & Vegetables for poor families and distribution of Sanitizers, Fruit Juices, Cookies for the Medical Staff.

Impression: So far we are able to reach out over 4,000 needy people through these various charitable activities and there are many more waiting for a helping hand. The local people and officers are so happy about the activities that we are doing. The news has been covered in local newspapers & Television Channels.

I am attaching some of the photos of our activities that we have done in April & May – 2020. 

Please be assured of our Prayers for you. 

Thanking you,

Let us stay safe & continue to Pray for each other.

-John Kandichetla, Joy Bharath Foundation, India.

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