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Mission Cooperative Plan Appeals 2020


The Maryknoll Fathers & Brothers were founded in 1911 by the Bishops of the US Catholic Church to train, send and support missionaries from the US in overseas mission. Today Maryknoll Fathers & Brothers are active in mission ministries in 22 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and providing mission education and formation in the US.

Maryknoll’s ministries include health care programs such as in South Sudan providing treatment for those with diseases of the eyes; care for and accompaniment of refugees; famine relief in East Africa; housing, education and care for street children in Bolivia; trauma healing ministry in Brazil; pastoral care for immigrants in Taiwan; educational programs in Kenya; clean water projects; chaplaincy and prison ministries; primary evangelization in Indonesia; care for the sick poor in Bangladesh.

Examples our ministries in South Sudan includes Fr. Mike Bassano, MM who has been living and ministering in the UN Protection of Civilians Refugee Camp in Malakal. Fr Mike provides accompaniment, solidarity, food assistance, joyful witness and pastoral care.  

In other areas of South Sudan and in neighboring Uganda, Fr. John Barth, MM is active in providing care for those with visual impairments. In a recent email summary Fr Barth provided this update: “I’ve purchased supplies in the first four months of 2020 and will likely need to buy similar supplies later this year and in 2021. They include uniforms for nursery school children in Palabek Refugee Settlement (So Sudanese refugees taking shelter in northern Uganda); medical supplies for St. Theresa’s Mission Hospital in St. Theresa’s parish in Isohe, South Sudan and for St. Joseph’s Hospital here in Kitgum, Uganda where I live. On top of these supplies I provided for medical subsidies for poor refugees and poor Ugandans unable to foot the bill for medicines, tests, operations at hospitals in Uganda.  These services are not available in South Sudan because the medical infrastructure there is so, so weak. The average expenditure was $179 a patient. The treatments included a wide range of illnesses from club foot, blood tests, ulcers, Hepatitis , Malaria, typhoid, broken bones , cancer treatment, dental, burial expenses, gun and arrow wounds, etc., etc. Most of these cases required x-rays, lab tests and/or prescribed drugs, many of which are not available in the hospitals and have to be purchased in a pharmacy. Note: Monthly refugees receive basic food assistance from the World Food Program (9 kg of maize flour, 3 kg of dried beans, 0.63 kgs of vegetable oil and  0.15 kgs of salt nothing more [This is equivalent to  one bowl of corn flakes (without milk) three times a day and  one-half can of tuna fish per day]. 

Please learn more about the Maryknoll Fathers & Brothers at: http://www.maryknollsociety.org and  http://www.maryknoll.us Thank you. Please also visit www.maryknollvocations.org  to participate with us in God’s mission.


Los Padres y Hermanos de Maryknoll  fueron fundados en 1911 por los Obispos de la Iglesia Católica de los EE. UU. Para entrenar, enviar y apoyar a misioneros de los EE. UU. En misiones en el extranjero. Hoy los Padres y Hermanos de Maryknoll están activos en los ministerios misioneros en 22 países de África, Asia y América Latina, además de proporcionar educación misionera y formación de discipulado misionero aquí en los EE. UU. Los ministerios y proyectos apostólicos de Maryknoll incluyen programas de atención médica, como en Sudán del Sur, que brindan tratamiento para las personas con enfermedades de los ojos; brindan apoyo para procedimientos médicos básicos y medicamentos ; cuidado, acompañamiento y ministerio de capellanía con refugiados; alivio de la hambruna en África Oriental; vivienda, educación y cuidado de niños de la calle en Bolivia; ministerio de curación de traumas en Brasil; cuidado pastoral para inmigrantes en Taiwán; programas educativos en Kenia; proyectos de agua limpia ; ministerio carcelario; evangelización primaria en Indonesia; cuidado de los pobres enfermos en Bangladesh; y otros ministerios. Aprenda más sobre Padres y Hermanos de Maryknoll en http://www.maryknollsociety.org .y http://www.maryknoll.us Gracias. Por favor, no dude en ponerse en contacto con nosotros para obtener más información Visite también www.maryknollvocations.org para obtener información sobre cómo participar con nosotros en la misión. Dios te bendiga.

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