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Mission Cooperative Plan Appeals 2020


The Conventual Franciscans of California have jurisdiction over the Franciscan Vietnam Mission. In just 15 years, our presence in Vietnam has grown to more than forty friars, including priests, deacons, brothers and seminarians.

Three years ago, after twelve years of continuous residence in Vietnam, preceded by six years of regular, semiresidential missionary engagement, our branch of the Franciscan Order has received official recognition from the government, the primary effect of which allows us to move forward with presbyteral ordinations, receive the pastoral care of parishes from local Catholic bishops, and give greater long-term viability to the ministerial and charitable projects that we have begun in the metro-Saigon area and among the rural poor of the Red River Delta area in the north. By the grace of God, we now look forward to new ordinations every year.

The ever increasing stability of the Conventual Franciscan Order in Vietnam places well-formed priests and religious brothers at the service of the Church, especially in ministries of outreach to the poor and evangelization for the long term. Economically, at least for the next twenty years according to our long-range planning, the Franciscan Vientam Mission will depend primary upon our development efforts in the United States, though each year as their manpower increases, their progress toward financial sef-sufficiency moves forward apace.
We would, therefore, be grateful if you support the Franciscan Vietnam Mission in 2020.

At present, the friars in Vietnam work primarily in social service apostolates among the poor and the neglected. This is as it should be, of course, since Saint Francis always insisted that the friars show particular solicitude for the lepers and for outcasts. We have been working closely with the residents of a leprosarium in Van Mon in Thái Bình Province in the Red River Delta in the north and have also launced a comprehensive aid-to-the-poor program called The Bread of Saint Anthony in metro-Saigon in the south. This program, run entirely by the friars, assists families with dependent children by providing food, school uniforms and supplies, and supports the needs fo the disabled or infirm with medications, food and hospital visits.

Thank you for your time and consideration on behalf of the Franciscan Vietnam Mission. Pax Christi et bonum,

Fr Francisco Nahoe OFMConv Mission Promoter

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