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Letter from the Executive Director
Every now and then I will hear something that stops me in my tracks. For example, in a recent discussion someone said: “Legos are a lot like people. They are made to connect.” (Now in case you don’t know what Legos are, they are those little brightly colored plastic pieces with raised dots that hook together to form every imaginable shape and form.) What an amazing observation! The fact is, we are all made in God’s image, God is intent on connecting with us and through us, and all of us yearn for that spiritual and human connection.
Reaching out to make authentic human connections is a wonderful goal for our Lenten Season, and instead of raised dots holding us together, it will be the indestructible bond of God’s boundless love sealing the connection. As our Holy Father, Pope Francis said following a trip to Africa: “We must stretch out our hands, as Jesus does with us.”
With that in mind, let us stretch out our hands and connect with Sisters in Madagascar who rescue little ones from human trafficking, providing them with an education…with catechists in one of the largest slums in Kenya, who visit the sick, pray with the dying, and teach children of the mercy and hope of the Savior…with priests and religious in Ethiopia who reach out to children and families in danger of starvation, saving lives and revealing the Lord’s compassion.
Through your prayers and support of the Society for the Propagation of the Faith, you can do just that.
A gift of $200 – $5 for each day of Lent – would support a catechist for two months. A gift of $120 – $3 for each day of Lent – would provide a month’s assistance to a priest and Sister helping families in need. A gift of $40 – $1 for each day of Lent – would enable Sisters to protect children throughout the Missions, offering them an education and kind, loving witness. The possibility for connection is infinite, and in whatever way you help, you will forge a deep bond as you share the gift of God’s everlasting love and mercy.
This Lenten Season as we reflect on how we can connect with our brothers and sisters in the Mission lands, I encourage you to read our Holy Father’s Lenten Message which may be found by clicking here.

Thank you in advance for your participation and God bless!

– Reverend Monsignor Terrance L. Fleming
                                   Lent 2020

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