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Letter from the Director
During the summer, things traditionally slow down a bit. With schools closed, families may go on vacations, enjoy the outdoors, work in the garden, and hopefully relax and renew. For those responsible for the education and formation of priests throughout the mission lands, however, there is never time to slow down. Ensuring that there are priests prepared to proclaim the Gospel and celebrate the Eucharist in vulnerable communities throughout the world is a year-round struggle.

A home, more books – and prayers. That is what Father Santhanam is seeking for the 173 young men preparing for the priesthood at Morning Star Major Seminary in Calcutta, India. Prayers for the seminarians as they prepare to celebrate the Sacraments and to offer the message of the Gospel to uplift the poor. Financial support to expand their living quarters – as there are more seminarians than space – and to provide for an expanded library of books. This story is repeated throughout Africa and Asia, as growing numbers of young men respond to the call of our Lord to follow Him as priests, and as existing seminaries continue to need repairs and new facilities.

Each year the – Society of St. Peter Apostle sends such support for some 30,000 young men preparing for the priesthood in mission seminaries like Morning Star – providing textbooks, technology, housing, food and medical care. This aid would not exist were it not for the support of generous donors like yourself.
May I invite you to take some time this summer to reflect on this important cause? A gift of $700 would support a mission seminarian for a year. A donation of $60 would provide a month’s support. Perhaps you would like to donate on an ongoing basis – a monthly gift in support of the formation of a future priest or religious would be a tremendous blessing. These are just a few suggestions, but I can assure you that your prayers and financial assistance will make a difference in the lives of future priests and religious, and in the lives of those whom they will one day serve. Together we can grow the faith.
As you enjoy these days of summer, please consider joining us in this important work. 

Sincerely yours in Christ,

– Reverend Monsignor Terrance L. Fleming
June 2019

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