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Letter from the Executive Director
A few months ago, life, as we knew it, changed dramatically. We found ourselves living in fear, forced to stay inside, separated from friends and family. Food and supplies disappeared from store shelves, cleaning products were nowhere to be found, and hoarding, once unheard of, became the norm. Today, we wake up wondering if we will have a job, worried if we will be able to care for our families. What if someone we love gets sick?
Will we be able to access health care? What if I or one of my loved ones contracts the virus? Will we survive it? Will we die from it? One day life was normal, and the next, we entered the world of pandemic.
Ironically, for our brothers and sisters in the mission lands, much of this is, for lack of a better word, normal. The fears and struggles we currently face are daily occurrences for many mission families – but now they must add the coronavirus pandemic to that already distressed and challenged life.
In the best of times, we rely upon priests to be a source of light and hope in vulnerable communities throughout the world. In today’s challenging reality, it is now more important than ever to ensure that there are enough priests prepared to do just that.
“Your Word is a lamp for my feet, a light for my path.” (Psalm 119:105) Reflecting upon the words of this psalm, Francis Xavier Nguyen Huu Tinh, a seminarian at Stella Maris Major Seminary in Vietnam said, “This verse left a deep impression in my heart, because anywhere in my journey in life, I must trust in God…I still walk on this path through God’s Grace and my own effort.”
My friends, Francis and his fellow seminarians are walking this special path, preparing to bring the light of Christ and the Lord’s love to the poor, to celebrate the Sacraments, to reach out to children and families, to comfort the sick and dying. We can join them on this path by supporting The Society for the Propagation of the Faith/Society of St. Peter Apostle which provides assistance to some 30,000 young men preparing for the priesthood in mission seminaries – making available textbooks, technology, housing, food and medical care.
Understanding that the economic effects of the pandemic have been challenging for everyone, but trusting in God, I invite you to consider supporting this important work. A gift of $700 would support a mission seminarian for a year. A donation of $60 would provide a month’s support. A monthly gift, in any amount, to support the formation of a future priest or religious, would be a great blessing. Whatever your personal financial reality might allow will make a difference in the lives of future priests and in the lives of those whom they will one
day serve.
Thank you for your kind consideration of my invitation, and please be assured of my special prayers in return.  

Thank you in advance for your participation and God bless!

– Reverend Monsignor Terrance L. Fleming
                                   Summer 2020
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