2023-2024 MCA Forms & Welcome Packet

The MCA puts together a Welcome Packet to help Mission Moderators, teachers, principals, and/or educators implement and share our resources, which contains information on things that can be done throughout the school year to help promote MCA in your school or parish. Included in this packet are forms that you can fill out and email to order free material or request a missionary speaker for your school or parish. Also included is a form to RSVP to the MCA Mass and a remittance form when you are ready to send the donations collected by the children/students.   

Below you will find this year’s summer Welcome Packet mailed to schools and religious education programs in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. You can request a copy of the Welcome Packet by contacting the Program Coordinator, Magdalena Arellano at (213) 637-7416 or you can email us at mca@la-archdiocese.org. Please take a moment to go through it.

Print-ready digital copies of forms sent out in the summer Welcome Packet are available below in a digital format. If you wish to get a printable copy of the form, please contact our office. To best serve you, please note and submit each form by the deadlines listed on the top right corner of each form. All forms are in Adobe PDF format. (Download Adobe Reader)

Letter to School Principal

Letter to Mission Moderator

Welcome Bulletin

MCA Online Forms

MCA Forms

MCA Resources

We collaborate with the Lay Mission Helpers in promoting their annual essay contest. This is included in our welcome packet mailed out to all Catholic Schools at the beginning of August.

The winners of the contest receive their certificate and scholarship at the MCA Youth Appreciation Mass in October.

Please encourage your students to participate.

MCA Monthly Resources