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MCA Family Mission Day

The MCA Family Mission Day is a special event designed by MCA to promote, educate, and animate our baptismal call to be missionaries among children and their families; fostering the missionary spirit that we are called to have as a church that goes out to the peripheries serving the poor and spreading the joy of the Gospel. The missionary spirit starts at home, with parents passing on the faith to their children as domestic churches and putting the faith into practice in our homes.

“How precious is the family as the privileged place for transmitting the faith!” – Pope Francis

Invite us to your parish for a day dedicated to families. Parents and children will learn more of our call to actively participate in the evangelizing mission of the church. This day is packed with activities, mission awareness talks, games, and a family Mass. All talks and activities are suitable for children. All in attendance are encouraged to actively participate in this fun-filled spiritual day. This free event includes materials and resources. Spanish is also available.

If you are interested in having a Family Mission Day at your parish or if you have any further questions, please contact Magdalena Arellano or email us at