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The Congregation of the Holy Spirit (Spiritans) began its missionary work in Africa in the 1920s, specifically with the Maasai in the Kilimanjaro area of Tanzania. We continue there today, along with Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, and Congo-Kinshasa with the First Evangelization of nomadic people. For more than 300 years, Spiritans have been called to mission, especially in foreign lands, working in over 60 countries around the world. From serving at international refugee camps to inner city parishes, from teaching in schools around the world to providing a home for orphans, Spiritans proclaim God with their lives through their works.

Internationally, Spiritans have served for over 20 years in the Dominican Republic and over 50 years in Mexico, providing pastoral services, teaching career skills, establishing medical services and schools, working in refugee camps, promoting justice and peace for the oppressed; and interreligious dialogue. The Spiritan mission to Vietnam began in 2007 in Ho Chi Minh City and continues today with a flourishing seminarian program with more than 30 students in various stages of formation.

Your donation today will allow us to support individual projects and improvements in areas where we serve, especially in areas of crisis – most notably now in Ukraine. There we work to support refugees fleeing the war into Poland.

ON THE MARGINS OF CONFLICT Fr. Marek Myslinski, C.S.Sp., helps deliver supplies to areas on the Poland/ Ukraine Border. One of the most recent donations, $35,000, was provided solely for food and medicine.

Fr. Paul Flamm, C.S.Sp., has been on the ground in refugee centers in Africa for more than 30 years. Refugees face many hardships in exile often having left with only the clothes on their backs. They have been uprooted from their culture and way of life. There is no certainty as to if or when they may be able to return to their countries of origin. Many suffer from depression as their hope for a better future dwindles. The Spiritans’ commitment to refugee ministry is open-ended, according to Fr. Paul. “As long as the refugees are there, we will be there with them”.

Fr. Paul Flamm, C.S.Sp., with a disabled woman in a Kigoma, Tanzania Refugee Camp. Fr. Flamm founded the Spiritan Refugee Services over 30 years ago and continues to minister there today. More than 1000 refugees receive our support at Spiritan settlement camps.

Newly ordained priests in Amsha Tamania received Mass kits to use in outstations to celebrate Mass in far-flung communities. The celebration could take place in a hut, under a tree, or in the open air requiring the priest to travel with all that is required for the celebration, and conveniently and safely contained within sturdy backpacks.

In the United States, the Spiritans dedicate themselves to working with the poor. Our efforts include education and parish ministry primarily in African-American and immigrant communities. Fr. Francis Tandoh, C.S.Sp., of Ghana, and Fr. Benoit Mukamba, C.S.Sp., of Congo staff a family of parishes in Dayton, OH. Through education and community service, they endeavor to help those who are disadvantaged to overcome problems that make each day a struggle. Ministering from the pulpit as well as in the soup kitchens, we are found working within the community to make change.

Your generosity helps the Spiritans share the Good News of the Gospel “to the ends of the earth,” building community in parts of the world that are so often neglected.

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You can support the Congregation of the Holy Spirit – Spiritans #1044 through your prayers and monetary donation by making a check payable to THE SOCIETY FOR THE PROPAGATION OF THE FAITH, 3424 Wilshire Blvd 3rd Fl., Los Angeles CA 90010, memo #1044. You may also donate online by clicking the donate button. When making an online donation, reference #1044 in the Memo box. Your donation is tax-deductible as allowed by law.

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