Mission Office
Archdiocese of Los Angeles
3424 Wilshire Boulevard, 3rd Floor
Los Angeles, California 90010 USA

Phone: (213) 637-7223    |    Fax: (213) 637-6223    |   E-Mail: missionoffice@la-archdiocese.org

The Mission Office is blessed with an exceptionally dedicated group of persons who work to inspire others to recognize that we are “Baptized for the World”. They combine their professional talents with prayer so that while Christ remains the center of who they are, the Spirit moves them into a global vision of service.

While the staff work full or part time, there are many volunteers who give generously and are essential to the life and work of the Mission Office. They are the behind the scenes workers who live out that missionary call that we all have by fact of being baptized.

Always feel free to contact any member of the staff for information on the Missions, ideas for growth, or recommendations on how to improve. What you have to say is important!


Monsignor Terrance L. Fleming
Executive Director

Lydia Gamboa

Sabrina Lopez
Associate Director
tel: (213) 637-7305   |   email: slopez@la-archdiocese.org

Mattie Young
Donor Database Coordinator
tel: (213) 637-7241   |   email: myoung@la-archdiocese.org

Nicole Vasquez
Executive Secretary
tel: (213) 637-7223   |   email: nvasquez@la-archdiocese.org

Magdalena Arellano
Program Coordinator, Missionary Childhood Association
tel: (213) 637-7416   |   email: marellano@la-archdiocese.org

Alison Martinez
Executive Secretary, Missionary Childhood Association
tel: (213) 637-7229   |   email: amartinez@la-archdiocese.org

Megan Cabral
Executive Secretary, Adopt-A-Family
tel: (213) 637-7404  |   email: mcabral@la-archdiocese.org