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The Immaculate Conception School of Theology is a house of formation for seminarians specifically of Northern Luzon who aspire to be priests in the future. It aims to form good and holy priests who will be serving God and His Church, especially in Northern Luzon. There are four dimensions of formation in the seminary, namely, human, intellectual, spiritual, and pastoral dimension. All of these are simultaneously and holistically integrated into the formation of every seminarian. The seminary for years continues to cater the best formation to the seminarians – a mission that concentrates on forming young men in configuring themselves to that of the Good Shepherd. With this, the seminarians who will, later on, be priests, will be true followers of Christ in mission and in life.

However, this vision-mission of the seminary cannot be achieved without good and quality facilities, professors, formators, and staff and personnel. These things and people, for they are good and quality, they then demand high-cost payment. The seminarians may be paying their tuition fees, monthly board and lodging, and other seminary fees but, it does not still suffice the payment of the overall bills of the seminary. Nevertheless, there are a lot of people who openly extend their help and support to the seminary. The seminary benefactors, sponsors, and donors give a certain amount of money to the seminary which comes from their generous hearts. The frequency of their giving their donations to the seminary is dependent on them – there are those who give monthly, by semester, and/or by year. There are also those who extend their support by being a benefactor of a seminarian.

To raise funds, the seminary also conducts different fundraising activities such as the famous Takbokasyon, run for vocations, the biggest fun run in Northern Luzon. This activity does not only aim for the raising of funds but also vocational awareness specifically vocation to the priesthood. It is a beautiful initiative of the seminary for it promotes synodality, a moment of being gathered, united, and one, and a journey of running together for vocation promotion.

Finally, the seminary continues to be dependent on the grace and providence of God for it is He who brings different instruments to help and support the seminary. The seminary is grateful for all the help and support it gets from time to time. It may be difficult to raise funds and ask benefactors, sponsors, and donors to continuously help the seminary financially but, it remains to operate and maintain the good and quality facilities, professors, formators, and staff and personnel. With these, the seminary fulfills its vision-mission in forming good and holy priests in the future, configured to that of the Good Shepherd.

You can support the Immaculate Conception School of Theology #2339 through your prayers and monetary donation by making a check payable to THE SOCIETY FOR THE PROPAGATION OF THE FAITH, 3424 Wilshire Blvd 3rd Fl., Los Angeles CA 90010, memo #2339. You may also donate online by clicking the donate button. When making an online donation, reference #2339 in the Memo box. Your donation is tax-deductible as allowed by law.

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