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The Missionary Society of St. Paul is working in some difficult countries in Africa such as South Sudan, Chad, Central African Republic, Liberia, Kenya, Cameroon, Malawi, and Nigeria. Appeal donations help us to sustain our poor missions in those places and to feed poor children in South Sudan where the Missionary Society of St. Paul has an orphanage. The MSP has primary schools in rural areas that give education opportunities to kids from less privileged families. Generous donations from our sponsors help in the construction of church buildings for the local worshipping communities.

We have a lot of children who are under our care in South Sudan. These children, rescued from the streets, lost their parents killed in the ongoing war in South Sudan. We provide them with accommodation, food, clothing, and opportunities for education. For instance, through the help of the Holy Child Foundation, we built a decent house to accommodate 40 of those kids and teenagers in one of our parishes in South Sudan.

We provide freshwater wells in rural communities in Malawi, South Sudan, and Nigeria. We have just completed the solarization of water installation for a community in Lodwar Diocese in northern Kenya. That part of East Africa is experiencing severe drought. Our priests in Liberia support parishioners and other people who need their material assistance. This is from Rev. Simon- Peter who is the pastor of St. Christopher Church, Kakata: “We do our best to provide food and other material aids to assist them in taking care of their families. We are able to share with them the little we have which comes to us through the generosity of donors who support the Missionary Society of St. Paul.”

Our focus in 2024 will be the Central African Republic where our missionaries are working in difficult conditions. Two projects have already been selected: the provision of potable water for our priests and their parish community; and the construction of classrooms to start primary school for the village. Our Walk-a-Thon Initiative tagged “Walk for the Mission” supports the education of children from poor families or orphaned and young people. So far, it benefits children in South Sudan, Malawi, and Nigeria. We are expanding beneficiaries to include indigent young people in our missions in Chad. The aim is to keep many of them off the streets and to give them opportunities to improve their lives and those of their families and communities.

Of course, the MSP needs support for the training of our future missionaries in formation. The Appeal funds help us to sustain these works. The needs are many, but the resources are very limited.

You can support the Missionary Society of St. Paul #1391 through your prayers and monetary donation by making a check payable to THE SOCIETY FOR THE PROPAGATION OF THE FAITH, 3424 Wilshire Blvd 3rd Fl., Los Angeles CA 90010, memo #1391. You may also donate online by clicking the donate button. When making an online donation, reference #1391 in the Memo box. Your donation is tax-deductible as allowed by law.

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