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How does a missionary become a missionary?

God works through others so a disciple, who desires to be closer to Jesus in and through his Church, begins to hear the call to mission. Someone had to share with Neal the joys, and the challenges, of being a missionary. He is now a missionary priest serving in Appalachia. Joanne is a laywoman serving in Brazil. Someone had to accompany her through her discernment and formation for her mission. Bruce is a deacon. He learned about mission from someone and, learning from them, embraced mission as central to his ministry as a deacon.

These others – these “someones” – are mission leaders. They have answered the call to mission and have embraced God’s vision for their community – a community who through prayer and discernment are intentional about serving God’s mission. This community can be a parish, a diocese, a volunteer program, or a religious order.

By supporting USCMA, through your prayer, resources, and involvement, you provide the resources our “community of communities” need to keep mission leaders encouraged and supported so they can do a better job helping the Neals, Joannes, and Bruces of our Church – both today and tomorrow. Specifically, you will accompany these mission leaders by providing the resources to power our 2024 Priorities:

  1. Animate a missionary Church here in the United States through Go Forth … a weekly podcast and scripture reflection that amplifies God’s call to mission. There is no cost to subscribe.
  2. Promote a missionary response to A Synodal Church in Mission – A Synthesis Report to stimulate Conversations in the Spirit within missionary communities and between missionary communities.
  3. Sponsor Missionary Promise in an Uncertain Age – a webinar series with Fr. Aaron Wessman, G.H.S.
  4. Launch the Pentecost Appeal as a moment for the faithful, and their communities, to review, assess, and discern an intentional response to the call to mission.
  5. The Mission of the Eucharist – Gather. Unite. Send – the 2024 USCMA national conference.

Pope Francis, in his World Mission Day Message 2024, quotes Pope Benedict. “We cannot approach the Eucharistic table without being drawn into the mission which, beginning in the very heart of God, is meant to reach all people.” We need enthusiastic and strong mission leaders so all those who approach the Eucharistic table can be drawn into the mission Jesus entrusted to us, his disciples.

May God give you Easter joy to arouse your enthusiasm and give you strength to be a missionary in our wonderful, and wounded, world.

You can support the United States Catholic Mission Association (USCMA) #1153 through your prayers and monetary donation by making a check payable to THE SOCIETY FOR THE PROPAGATION OF THE FAITH, 3424 Wilshire Blvd 3rd Fl., Los Angeles CA 90010, memo #1153. You may also donate online by clicking the donate button. When making an online donation, reference #1153 in the Memo box. Your donation is tax-deductible as allowed by law.

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